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7 things you didn’t know about the Yoga Retreat in November to Costa Rica

June 30, 2015

Have you ever taken a trip that’s just for you? It wasn’t until a few years ago that I started taking my hard-earned time off very seriously. Not only did these just-for-me trips remove the seasonal stress residue that had built up in my life but upon my return my life took a new direction. I’m not exaggerating.

Every time I take a trip that’s just for me, I come back renewed and re-energized, with focus and ferocity to a) get out of an unhealthy relationship (that I didn’t realize was horrible) b) execute my exit plan from my sh*tty job (that I didn’t notice was killing me) or c) redesign my entire business with total clarity (that I was too blinded to see beforehand.)

These experiences of escape and renewal are so critical to continue learning, growing and changing. There’s something magical about them. They will get you out of feeling stuck in any area of life and push you forward. What would you want out of getaway that’s JUST FOR YOU?

Join me and Mora Solano Lavin for a 6-day retreat to Pranamar Villas in beautiful Santa Teresa, Costa Rica. There is a lot of information and details here all about the trip and here are seven things the website won’t tell you (but I want you to know.)

1. Pranamar is the nicest place in town.

Whenever you mention Pranamar to anyone who lives in Santa Teresa, they respond with an “Ohhhh! I LOVE Pranamar!” They’ve got beautiful accommodations, a fresh-water pool and the best yoga pavilion in town. Check out the pics.

2. You can do whatever you want.

We’ll offer you twice daily classes and the rest is up to you. Take the R&R route, get massages and walk the beaches all day or be an adventure junkie with surf lessons, waterfall hikes and stand up paddleboarding. Show up to classes or don’t – it’s your retreat!

3. Yes, you can drink.

Funnily enough, people have been asking this one a lot. Yes, Pranamar has a bar and there are stores nearby where you can buy your own and bring home or other local bars to visit. No, this retreat is not a nutritional detox, cleanse or fast – unless you want to make it one.

4. You’re invited to my 35th birthday party.

I picked these dates on purpose so we could all celebrate my birthday in Costa Rican style on the beach among the palm trees. And my mom is coming! (Have you considered inviting yours? We do have some family groups coming.)

5. You can visit “The Tree”.

Seriously, it’s very cool. Look here.

6. You really don’t have to know any yoga beforehand.

Of the people already registered, there is a wide variety of experiences with yoga. Mora and I specifically design classes that are for EVERYONE, no matter what your level or ability. For that matter we also have a wide spread of ages on this trip from young professional to grandma (and men too!)

7. You will experienced an unexpected and welcome shift in your life.


Early Bird ends July 1st and we are more than half full so don’t delay! Any questions can be sent to

Register now.

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