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One reason why I may ask you to leave my yoga class

May 26, 2015

Go on. Get out of my classroom.

You’ve already decided exactly who you are. You’re certain you’ve already figured it all out. You’re who you are and that’s who you’ll always be. You’ll never twist like that or bend that way or be able to hold a plank for that long. You can’t sit still because you’ve just never been able to. And you’ll never go upside down because you gave it up a long time ago. You have a bad back. You pinched a nerve so you can’t do twists. Your knee never recovered from that injury. It’s just not your thing. You’ll never change.

Go on. Get out of my classroom.

SkandasanaModI need you spongy. I need you soft. I need you childlike and even a bit foolish. I need your adventurous spirit, your eyes wide open and your thinking cap off. I need you to be absolutely yourself, armor off, with all your vulnerable bits showing. With all the hope in the world. And every reason to be there.

That’s where your yoga practice begins. Come on in. Take a seat.

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