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The Worst Yoga Class I’ve Ever Taught

March 17, 2014

A few weeks ago I taught the absolute saddest yoga class ever. I walked out after and thought “what the hell happened there?” Did anyone injure themselves? No. Did someone throw a yoga block at me mid-class in protest of ordinary sequencing? No. Did the entire class revolt and start throwing sandbags at each other? No. But I have a pretty regular recurring nightmare about this. (True story.)

No one did anything offensive. I didn’t mess up my class. In fact, I have to guess those students probably had a very restorative yogic experience. It was only a couple days later that I figured out and confirmed why I felt it was the worst class I’d ever taught…it was on a Thursday Night.

Thursday nights are a fantastic night to go to yoga. By Thursday you are likely so wiped out from your work week and so desperate for the weekend that all that deep breathing, posturing and rest will give you much needed energy for Friday and the weekend.

For me, it was awful. Everyone was so sad and wiped out. All in all, Thursday nights are great for students (and horrible experiences for teachers). I’ll never teach Thursdays again! (OK, that’s probably not true.)

With my career transformation course, “I’m Just Not Meant For This!” coming up soon (deadline is this Friday March 21!), I thought I’d dole out a few tips on how to keep your energy going when your job sucks it out of you during the week. This was inspired by the worst yoga class I’ve ever taught.

Here are a couple of quick one-minute tips. You can catch the rest on Facebook as they come out over the next couple weeks.

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