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8 ways to jump back into yoga

November 5, 2013

So your yoga practice has lapsed and you haven’t been to class in weeks or months…maybe years. I say to you, “So what?” All the matters is whether you want to go back. If that’s the case, skip the beating-yourself-up portion and enjoy diving back in. There’s nothing as wonderful as doing pigeon pose for the first time, again.

Note! Every technique wont work for everyone – you’ll have to find the one that works for you. Trust your instincts.

1. Make a significant financial commitment.

My friend’s husband tried for years and years to lose a chunk of weight. He tried various diet plans and programs and it wasn’t until he shelled out upwards of $3000 to a serious program that he finally lost the weight. Try signing up for a monthly membership or a whole semester of classes if you think shelling out cash will get you to the mat every week.

friends-doing-yoga2. Make plans to go to class with a friend.

Ah guilt, a Jewish Mother’s best weapon. There’s nothing like it to motivate you to class because you’d never want to let your friend down. Yes, I know this sounds negative (so we could call it the “mutual support strategy” instead), but either way, it works really well.

3. Stop making excuses.

It’s easy as this: as soon as you hear yourself saying why you can’t go – just shush up. If you’re reading this article it’s because you’re looking for a reason TO GO, not to NOT GO. So stop your complaining, grab your mat and just go.

4. Find a new class.

If you’re the type of person who is motivated and inspired by new and exciting things, try out a new class. You might be so excited by the idea of variety that you’ll have no reason not to go.

Cleveland Park Yoga back in the day!

Cleveland Park Yoga back in the day!

5. Find an old class.

Or maybe you feel comforted by routine (even though you’ve fallen out of it). Reconnect with your old group or your old teacher and feel confident that you’re in for a sure thing.

6. Register ahead of time.

Most classes have an online registration system where you can pay ahead of time. Will this get you to go? Find out.

7. Bring your yoga mat to work.

You’ll be so irritated if you schlep your 10 lb Manduka mat around all day without using it that you’ll just have to go. Try the same technique with your yoga clothes. Especially great technique for city dwellers who commute on foot.

8. Forget your teacher.

I can’t say how many times people say to me “I haven’t been to yoga in so long” with a stricken look of guilt on their face as if the yoga police just pulled them over for speeding. In total honesty let me tell you; your teacher doesn’t care. She doesn’t sit around counting on her fingers the weeks and days you’ve been missing. She’s just so happy to see you when you’re there and it doesn’t matter to her why you haven’t been lately. She just wants you to be happy. Really.

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