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Why you have to get uncomfortable

June 24, 2013

Ever taken a yoga class where the teacher had you hold a pose for what felt like hours? If you’ve ever held pigeon pose for more than a minute, you know how confusingly painful and delightful it can be. Confusing because it feels good in a bad way and bad in a good way to stretch. This is what I like to call in yoga, experiencing DISCOMFORT, in other words, witnessing “bad” sensations in the body, ones that are often perceived as negative – something you wouldn’t really ask for second helpings of.

Our natural reaction is to pull away. To stop. Avoid the sensation. I see it sometimes with beginners. They don’t like what they’re experiencing and want to avoid it – whether it’s pushing their strength or patience to the limit. Yoga teaches us to stick with it, breathe through the experience, and do something seemingly impossible and counter intuitive. Get comfortable being uncomfortable.

It’s essential for holding poses in yoga class, and it’s necessary for processing and moving through difficult moments in life because unfortunately – **it happens. Sadness. Fear. Anger. Jealousy. Irritation. Upset. Loss. Every once in a while I have to stretch the question a bit further and ask myself – have I become really too comfortable, being uncomfortable?

Is this old injury really something I have to live with every day?
Have I gotten used to a bad night’s rest for too long – like it’s just the norm?
Does my job really have to make me feel this exhausted every Friday?

So here’s the question to reflect on: Is there uncomfortable something in your life that you’ve become too comfortable with? Something that you know in your heart isn’t something you want to carry around or deal with anymore? Have you forgotten about it?

It’s time to start paying attention whether that’s through yoga, meditation, or whatever “presence practice” works for you. You deserve it!

Let me know if I can help.

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