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Why you might NOT be ready for the Smart Yoga Program

March 5, 2013

Let me share a less-than-two-minutes personal story.

Two-ish years ago, I was on the phone with a small business coach who specializes in marketing. I applied for her “Business Makeover Program” because as I launched Live Beyond The Mat I realized I was totally prepared and ready to work with clients but there wasn’t a line of them banging down my door. The missing piece was something called branding (“what was this branding?” I pondered) and I was in desperate need of help.

PhoneOperative word in that last sentence: Desperate.
def: having an urgent need, desire, etc.

After a short chat it was clear where I was struggling and where I needed help in order to reveal to the world that I’m the most fantastic coach in all of the Washington, DC metro area (eh-chem). She finally offered me a price quote for this three month program. Up until now I had no clue whatsoever how much her help would cost me. Suddenly she spilled the beans and I was frozen. I paused, silently, keeping my desperately-economically-horrified cards in my hand.

Then, she said, “I’ll take $1000 off the price if you sign up right now. You can give me your credit card info over the phone.” I know what you’re thinking, this sounds like a scam. Too sales-y! Warning Rebecca! Don’t work with this woman! It sounded a lot more sincere on the phone. I swear!

So what did I do? I signed up. Right then and there. The sales gimmick totally worked. And now I know why.

I was desperately ready.


Smart Yoga begins 3/17What’s my point?
You might not be ready for my Smart Yoga program.

As a yoga teacher I hear excuses all-the-day long. I can’t do it because…

  • I’m not strong enough yet
  • I’m waiting for my shoulder to get better
  • My arms aren’t long enough
  • I have a weird hip thing
  • I’m not flexible enough
  • My sciatica is bothering me

As a wellness coach, I hear excuses all-the-day long. I can’t do it now because…

  • It’s really busy at work right now
  • I don’t really have the money
  • I have absolutely no time for this
  • It’s way too far
  • I can’t afford a therapist/massage therapist/acupuncturist/manicurist/spa day
  • Things are too crazy right now

Yup these are all excuses. And you know what? I TOTALLY GET IT. The plain and simple truth of it is…you’re just not DESPERATE ENOUGH yet.

In other words, you’re not ready. You don’t WANT IT, DESIRE IT, NOW NOW NOW, badly enough. You’re in the “pre-contemplation stage of change” which means you’re thinking about it, thinking about it, thinking about it – and one day, in the future, you estimate you’ll do something about it. But that day isn’t today.

TranstheoreticalLet me tell you  honestly, for some people, pre-contemplation lasts a long time. Months, sometimes years. And you know what?

That’s totally ok.

I am never that type of coach to “call you out on your bullshit” because that’s unproductive. Instead, being supportive of exactly where you are right now, is what helps people move along to be really desperately ready to take action and make a change. Until then, you’ll make excuses, feel uncomfortable and slightly bothered…but not bothered enough.

When it’s time you’ll do it. You’ll jump right in to doing “the work” and preparing to act. You’ll take the $1000 off the program and pass your credit card numbers to a woman right over the phone.

And you know why she made that offer to me? She was looking for people who were “desperately ready,” just like me. Because the others? They’re just not ready yet and the program wouldn’t help. They’re just not there yet.

And again. That’s totally ok.

If you’re tired of the excuses, and ready to do the work, and feeling desperate (not in a pathetic way; in a “Yeah! Woo-hoo! Let’s do this thing!” kind of way) then I want you in my program. We begin Sunday March 17th. And there’s a space on the studio floor just for you.

If I’m So Smart Why Can’t I Get To Yoga Class?
(And Other Concerns)
A Six-Week Course in Making Things Happen

Read more about it here.

And be desperately ready by the deadline, Tues May 14.

2 Comments leave one →
  1. Hester permalink
    March 6, 2013 7:27 pm

    What a great reminder to be okay with where you are and to pay attention so that you can grab “it” when you are ready! Thanks for sharing!

  2. March 6, 2013 9:24 pm

    Funny, I hadn’t even really thought about Trapeze in this this case Hester! So true, all we can do is prepare, work hard, be present…and “present”! The opportunity (or the bar) will be there when you’re ready. (Seriously, did you know I’ve been working on my return and frustrated???!!!)

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