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How Much Yoga is Enough?

August 7, 2012

There was a point in my life when I attended three yoga classes a week. Was it enough? Was it giving me what I needed? Some people say you should do yoga every day. Some people say you can’t “do” yoga but rather just live it. Well what the heck is the recommended daily allowance of yoga or meditation anyway?

Recently a woman came to me for Wellness Coaching. She had what I would describe as “the blahs”, a persistent nagging case of nothing wrong in particular which was causing a significant enough amount of discontentment that it was affecting her work, her relationship with her husband, and her ability to enjoy her free time. She felt irritable, like things that were annoying stayed way too long with her. Enough was enough. She sought help from her trusty yoga teacher (I was honored!)

We took a look at the Metropolitan Trifecta of Stress Inducers: Job, Relationship, Health. Frankly all three were in good standing. It sounded like the job was a little nagging but more of a potential stress trigger than a source that needed to be uprooted. Besides – whose work doesn’t stress them out once in a while?

She had a notion – she wanted to give meditation a try to cure her blahs. We discussed different types and what she thought might be accessible and easy to integrate into her life. She began taking 3 mini time-outs a day, little breaks lasting 10-15 minutes to just relax, meditate, or do some breathing. After just about a week she began to notice some serious change.

“I think I see some improvement in my overall happiness. I’ve been doing the relaxation routine before bed and did it a few times after work. I also read chunks of the mediation book and tried meditation after work yesterday. I think it’s helped to make me “lighter.” despite work on Saturday, I think I felt more uplifted over the weekend.”

Excellent. Keeping it up, we met once a week and discussed what was working well and strategized what else might help.

Soon enough we have 3 sessions, over 3 weeks, and with 3 breaks a day, this is what happened:

“I’ve really noticed a change in the way I feel day to day. I’m happier; I’m more excited about the good things that happen; I’m more motivated to do thing that make me happy; I feel calmer and less thrown when stressful or negative situations arise; and I have a better balance in  my life.”


So I toss the question out to you. There is a formula for success that’s unique to who you are and what you need. I challenge you to go out there and find it. Just let me know if you’d like a little help a long the way.

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