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Real Courage, Vinyasa Yoga Class Feb 27th, 2012

March 3, 2012

We’re halfway through our semester on Inversions, and here’s the scoop. Getting upside down into poses like Sirsasana A (Headstand), Mukta Hasta Sirsasana A (Tripod Headstand), Adho Mukha Vrksasana (Handstand), and Pincha Mayurasana (Forearm Stand) takes a lot of courage in the face of fear. These are the most frequent comments I hear from fellow yogis:

I’m AFRAID I’m going to…

  • fall flat on my back
  • break my neck
  • fall over backwards

and then there are the EXCUSES…

  • I’m too scared
  • I’ll never be able to do that
  • I’m not strong enough
  • I’m not flexible enough
  • <laughter and chuckling at the mere absurdity of the idea>

Get Over Your Excuses
Most of the excuses above stem from core beliefs we have inside about ourselves. They’re limiting beliefs of course, but man do they feel real and powerful. And they WILL prevent you from accomplishing your task. You can change your beliefs over time, promise, by building strength and confidence in that area, slowly over time. For example “I’ll never be able to do that” can change slowly to “maybe someday” by doing more strengthening exercises that show you how your body can adapt and progress.

Feel Your Fears
Fears can be overcome too. If you chose to explore them and get to know them a little bit better. Get close with your demons and you’ll see that they’re just a part of the growing process. That means that when kicking up to the wall into handstand wont feel like strength and bravery, it’ll feel like fear. And that’s often what courage feels like – fear. The difference between success and failure is acceptance and awareness of your fears in the face of a challenge.

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