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Inversions Insight, Vinyasa Yoga Class Feb 2, 2012

February 6, 2012

“You wont get it until you get it,” says Leila A upon addressing frustrations that are coming up for some this month as we continue to tackle getting upside down into Headstands. This day we worked on coming up into Tripod Headstand from Wide leg forward fold – which is a beautiful way to add a headstand seamlessly into a vinyasa flow class. Of course, it takes some practice. Here’s a video from Core Power Yoga that gives, in my opinion, a very clear explanation of how to come into Tripod Headstand.

I know what you’re thinking – “I paid attention in class, but I’m stuck here, and here, and here.”
“I can’t figure out how to get my legs up.”
“I can’t get my head to the floor.”
“I keep falling over backwards!”

You can listen to the instructions and watch your teacher perform it as many times as you need, but until you let your physical body FEEL what it’s like to make the shapes in each stage of performing this pose, “you wont get it until you get it.” I promise you, one day, your intellect, your confidence, your strength,  and your body intelligence will align, and you will get up. And it’ll be the coolest day ever.

For now, just keep trying, and every time you fall, be open to learning something from it, get back up, and try again. There is a powerful lesson from learning inversions and it lies in the experience of the journey to get there.

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