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Vinyasa Yoga Class, Dec 12, 2011

December 13, 2011

After a blind child’s pose vote between the two themes I was considering for tonight’s class, the 10 yogis who came to class were split down the middle. So I decided we’d accommodate both my crazy ideas and take the first half of class to really break down Surya Namaskara (Sun Salutation A) and then finish off class with some flowing standing poses to break out of the pattern.

Breaking down a Sun Salutation is a true lesson in honoring and accepting the body just as it is. Modifications you can take will make or break your success in feeling great after class (pain and injury free). And making the choice about what version is right for you, is the essential lesson here. Drop the ego at the door and just move through the dance designed just for you, on this day. Of course it takes some knowledge, so that’s what we focused on today.

What was surprising to me, and a great learning experience as a teacher, is that I saw the best aligned and active Shoulder Stands that I’ve ever seen at the end of the class. Must’ve been those Sun Salutes. Well done ladies! (Yes, it was a full on goddess-filled class tonight.)

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