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Vinyasa Yoga Class Monday, Nov 21st, 2011

November 22, 2011

Every once in a while, the energy of my students sweeps me off my feet. And tonight was one of those nights. I couldn’t fall asleep until after midnight last night! With 10 yogis prepped to work out their pre-thanksgiving energies, 2 requests came in for lower back and shoulder releasing postures. So off we went.

A lot of the tension we carry is created in the mind so-to-speak. Let me explain. You’re at work, you’re sitting at your desk, your boss comes in and demands a deadline, and five emails come in from your customers that need immediate responses, plus your phone is ringing – it’s your mother-in-law telling you she wont tolerate your gravy recipe this year. Now that is stress.

Your sympathetic nervous system kicks into high gear like it’s preparing for battle (ie. to fight or flee) when in fact, there’s no real physical threat. So your body tenses anyway, and if you can’t work through the muck and let go of what happened that day, you end up with a sore back.

Or you just happened to sit at a desk, bored all day at your job, not moving (refer to my previous life as a software developer) – that also creates back tension. (Need some life coaching to change careers? Talk to me. I’ve been there.)

The great thing about yoga is that is can dissolve your day’s aches and pains with breathwork to calm the sympathetic nervous system, and stretching and strengthening postures to work out the tension.

And tonight we found out that you CAN have 3 people assist you into a backbend and come out the other end alive. Although I’m still waiting to hear back from Brian…

Nice work partnering up tonight everyone. Until next week! Happy Thanksgiving!

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