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Halloween! Vinyasa Yoga Class

November 3, 2011

Can you believe everyone came dressed in the same costume tonight for Halloween Class? Yeah! All 5 adorned their yoga student costumes! Weird.

Sometimes I get so tired of routine that Surya Namaskar A and B bore me to tears to teach. I still practice them sometimes myself, and often in other classes I take, but tonight I wanted to mix things up.

Of course with it being Halloween, we focused on a lot of Halloween Cat Stretches and how that action of arching the spine and pressing through the hands. Articulating spinal movements can help to

  1. keep the discs between the vertebrae spongy and healthy (instead of brittle and crackly – yuck!)
  2. engage the core – the WHOLE core, from top to bottom, including inner thighs
  3. step your foot forward from downward dog to lunge – which we do about 100 times per class

Then, because it’s my birthday week (and I’m a Scorpio), I wanted to teach a pretty challenging pose, Scorpion. Here’s an old snap of me doing a variation of it with split legs. Usually both legs come together over your head.

The great thing about this pose, is that everyone in class, yes everyone, came into it. And I’ll tell you how. In yoga, we learn poses in kramas, or stages. It’s like taking baby steps from taking baby steps up to running a marathon. So everyone in class was able to work in the krama right for them from dolphin, into dolphin splits, to dolphin splits up the wall, to facing the wall and lifting up, to facing the wall lifting up and bending the knees! I was so proud.

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