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Mixtape Yoga, Oct 28th, 2011

October 31, 2011

I’ve been a house music junkie ever since my college roommate introduced me to electronic music. My tastes evolved and having been around so much “yoga music” (whatever that is?!), I mostly have house, dance, and lounge/chill yoga music on my playlists. More recently electro and alt pop (the theme of the First Ever Mixtape Yoga). But recently, I took a chance and added a new station on my Pandora seeded by Katy Perry. That Fireworks video practically moves me to tears every time!  Talk about adolescent empowerment.

After Pandora handed me a bunch of other popular current top 40 stuff. Haven’t paid attention to this stuff since Casey Casem was countin em down.  Anyway, I realized why this ‘Pop’ music is so popular. Some of it makes you feel REALLY FRIGGIN GOOD! Like Dance Around Your Living Room GOOD. So that was the inspiration for this month’s Mixtape. And yes, we did dance all over the studio room.

Thanks to Janice, Brittney and Katy for trying something totally new and fun! Trying something new makes you smarter. And special thanks to Mixtape Alums Kim D and Elizabeth for your inspiring movements to help guide us through it.

See you Mixtapers next year!

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