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Vinyasa Yoga Class Oct 10th, 2011

October 11, 2011

Columbus Day Yoga! I never know if people will remember it’s a Monday when they’ve had an extra long weekend. I was so energized to see 11 bright yogis show up and put forth a really strong, focused effort tonight. We started off really slow and loooong. By that I mean, practicing Supta Padangustasana pose on the back to really give our hamstrings, and our breaths, time to lengthen out. We also spent a good amount of time tonight working with Ujayi breath. Standing tall with a wide stance, we made sweeping movements through our hands and legs to emphasize the size and smoothness  of the breath during Ujayi, first starting in and out through the mouth trying to “fog up the mirror”, then trying to maintain that throaty constriction while breathing in and out the nose. I could see the focus on everyone’s face during this exercise. Makes me proud to be a teacher when I see such determination and focus in class. You can read more about Ujayi from Yoga Journal.

Don’t forget to sign up for
Restorative Yoga, this Friday, Oct 14th, 7pm.

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